Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 7

Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 7
Posted on 05/31/2017
Travis Buckmaster

It’s hard to narrow down just one admirable quality about Travis Buckmaster.

He is well-liked by his peers, a great student who challenges himself academically, and a leader. But above all else, he is a master of collaboration and undeniably committed to bettering his community and the world around him.

Travis said it’s important to him that even after graduation, and his involvement in Boy Scouts, that he continues to lead as an active member of his school and community.

The Clear Springs High School graduate used these skills to plan his Eagle Scout service project with his Scoutmaster, which involved recruiting and enlisting the help of more than 50 scouts and adult volunteers.

Travis managed to lead this large group of volunteers to construct picnic tables, signs and benches on behalf of the Boys and Girls Harbor in LaPorte. The signs are designed to help guide law enforcement around the vast property in case there ever was an emergency, he said.

Being involved in Boy Scouts also helped Travis learn the true meaning of courage through his interactions with others on a daily basis.

During a trip to New Mexico with his Boy Scouts Venture Crew, on a trek through the mountains, Travis exuded those leadership skills once again.

Within those mountains, there were many occasions for scaling large rock walls. One of Travis’ fellow scouts decided to scale one of the larger rocks, but only made it halfway before experiencing a severe panic attack.

Acting quickly, Travis made the decision to scale one of the rocks nearest the distressed Scout. Putting his own fears aside, Travis worked to meet the scout at the halfway point and provided physical and emotional support by encouraging his fellow scout to continue up the rock.

“That’s just one example of how Travis puts others above himself and exemplifies the high standards of courage and selflessness that he holds so dear,” Principal Gail Love said.

After high school, Travis will attend Texas A&M University where he will study biomedical engineering with the goal of being admitted to the veterinary medicine program after receiving his bachelor’s degree.

But unlike most veterinary students, ideally, Travis would like to focus his studies on exotic animals. Some of his favorites are red pandas and ocelots, he said.

“I’ve realized a lot are going extinct and I would like to do something to help prevent that,” Travis said.

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