Clear Creek ISD Celebrates School Nurses Week

Clear Creek ISD Celebrates School Nurses Week
Posted on 04/01/2017
CCISD School Nurses

School nurses are often the first place a student turns to when they don’t feel well or have been hurt.

For some students, the school nurse is the only health professional they ever see. Today, school nurses all across Clear Creek ISD are doing far more than bandaging scraped knees and icing twisted ankles, they provide a wealth of knowledge, support and education to our students that without them, may not be possible.

On May 10, throughout the district, campus nurses are being recognized for their hard work, dedication, and care of our students, staff and other stakeholders for National School Nurse Day.

“We will celebrate National School Nurse Day – a day we designate to celebrate school nurses, the ‘boots on the ground’ in our schools, working to improve the health and learning of students,” according to the National Association of School Nurses.

According to the organization, school nurses are heroes to the more than 50 million children in our nation’s schools, and it is highlight likely that more interact with a school nurse than any other nursing specialists.

In Clear Creek ISD, the Health Services Department is comprised of:

2 District Lead Nurses

41 Registered Nurses

11 Licenses Vocational Nurses

1 Aide

Each of our nurses are uniquely qualified to serve our district. Those skills have equipped each of our school nurses with the ability to react even in the most stressful situations – several of which have led to saving a student’s life.

Nurses Rona Schneider and Shelley Ellis were both credited this year for saving two separate students’ lives after administering an epinephrine shot while the students were having an anaphylactic allergic reaction.

Nurse Allison Burke quickly recognized severe neurological symptoms of a student that had fallen and hit the back of her head. Burke called 911 and had the student transported immediately by EMS.

While these are obvious life saving measures taken by our nurses, the day to day interaction, assessment, and prompt response and treatment to many situations make life altering differences for Clear Creek ISD students.

Recognizing low and high blood sugars in diabetics and responding with appropriate treatment, recognizing broken bones and sending students for prompt treatment, the referrals we make when students fail our vision and hearing screening and referring them for glasses and hearing tests, are a few of the day to day scenarios our campus nurses face and respond to.

School nurses also collaborate closely with special education teachers and aids to make sure any and all unique health needs of these students are monitored and met.

But their job doesn’t stop there.

Nurses also evaluate school staff and are often the health care professionals that refer that employee to their physician for hypertension treatment, stroke prevention, and heart attack prevention.

Nursing actions range from Band-Aid application to AED application. The school setting is definitely unique and one of the most integrated health care jobs in the world!   

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